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Serious Games R&D Australia carries out research and development in serious games, simulations & experiential environments. For over 10 years we have collaborated and consulted on research and development projects with Industry, Government Agencies & Education and published academic articles and reports on design, development and assessment / evaluation approaches, and the results from empirical studies (e.g. carried out in schools, universities and research laboratories) in Australia, USA, Europe and Singapore. Our experience and emerging body of knowledge can inform the design, development & assessment of other serious games. In addition, we develop and run professsional development workshops on serious games and game design. For more information, support, collaboration or consultancy contact:

What are serious games? Definition & Categorization: "Serious games are digital games, simulations, virtual environments, mixed reality/media and interactions that provide opportunities to engage in activities through responsive narrative/story, gameplay or encounters to inform, influence, for well-being, and/or experience to convey meaning. The quality or success of serious games is characterized by the degree to which purpose has been fulfilled" (Marsh 2011)
Research areas include: experience, engagement, reflection, learning in gameplay, mechanics, narrative / scenario writing/creation, activity-based design & analysis, iterative design & development, blended in-game & off-game learning, in-game assessment / telemetry, etc.
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NEWS & Recent / On-Going Activities

Keynote, 6th International Conference on Serious Games Development & Applications (SGDA 2015), UK, June 2015.

Co-Editor, Proceedings of 13th International Conference on Entertainment Computing, ICEC 2014, Sydney, Australia.

Co-Editor book, Trends in Serious Gaming & Social Media, Springer 2014

Program Chair: ICEC 2014 International Conference on Entertainment Computing, Oct 2014, Sydney, Australia.

Program Committee, 5th International Conf. on Serious Games Development & Applications, SGDA 2014, Berlin, Oct, 2014.

Chair of Working Group on Serious Games (14.8), as part of the IFIP Technical Committee on Entertainment Computing - TC14

 Co-Chair, Workshops / Tutorials, IFIP ICEC 2013, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Oct, 2013.

Consultant English Language Oracy Portal, Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore, 2012-2014.

Tim Marsh Keynote at ICT Extravaganza 2013, Singapore Schools and Ministry of Education (MoE), April, 2013.

Co-Conference Chair, 4th International Conf. on Serious Games Development & Applications, SGDA 2013, Norway, Sept, 2013.

Consultant Future Schools@Singapore, 2012-2013.

Co-Chair Technical Programme, 2nd Serious Games & Social Connect, SGSC 2013, Aug, 2013, Singapore.

Tim Marsh presents on-going R&D at ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, James Cook University (JCU), Queensland, Australia, on "Serious gaming Simulations for visualization, learning and raising public awareness about conserving the Great Barrier Reef", March, 2013.

Feature Article "Serious Games Are Becoming Serious Business" appears in October 2012 issue of Business Review Australia 

Program Committee Program Committee Serious Games Development & Applications 2012, SGDA 2012, Germany.